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Wheel alignment and balancing in Northampton

If your car's steering pulls to one side, or your steering wheel shakes or judders at speed, the chances are your wheels are unbalanced or misaligned. At Scotts Tyres, we offer a fast, reliable wheel balancing and alignment service to get your car running smoothly again.

Save on fuel and tyre wear

Driving with misaligned or unbalanced wheels causes excessive wear and stress on many of your car's vital systems and components, as well as making driving less enjoyable and even painful.


At Scotts Tyres, we offer comprehensive balancing and wheel alignment using our Supertracker computerised wheel alignment system, saving you money on fuel, tyre wear and vehicle repairs long into the future. Call us now to book your car in with us.

Save money on fuel, tyres and repairs. Call:

01604 714 721

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